Although born in the snowy cold of Cooma, NSW, Daniel grew up on a cotton farm 20km north-west of Bourke, NSW, considered the 'gateway to the outback'.

Having spent his founding years in the outback, and completing his early school years on a farm, Daniel developed a longing for adventure and an appreciation of the beauty and freedom of the bush. It was in these early years that many of his interests began.

Finishing his later high school years in Dubbo, NSW (1996-99), Daniel went as a team member with Teen Missions Australia on a mission trip to the Philippines, and over the following 8 years led 6 teams to such countries as Zambia, South Africa, Brazil and Samoa.

Since completing high school, Daniel has had a strong interest in understanding human behaviour and helping others, especially youth, to achieve optimal functioning and reach their full potential. Daniel has a particular interest in the use of outdoor recreation and experience-based learning programs to accomplish this, having seen the positive impact these have had on his own and many others’ lives.

Receiving an invitation to represent Australia, as one of 21 young people from 21 different countries, Daniel spent 2000-01 as a voluntary Missionary to America (MTA) with Teen Missions USA, visiting 34 states.

Desiring to gain a deeper understand of life with and under God, including the significance of Jesus and His role within the world and our lives, and wanting to develop a practical response to His 'Good News', Daniel completed an Advanced Diploma of Christian Studies with Cornerstone Community.

While studying with Cornerstone, Daniel also had the opportunity to work for a year at Teen Ranch, where he received training and gained valuable experience as an outdoor recreation activity instructor.

It was while completing an assignment on leadership and community development, that the idea was birthed to pursue training as an adventure therapist. Subsequently, Daniel moved to Bathurst, NSW, and completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), and a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours) with Charles Sturt University.

While completing these degrees in Bathurst (2006-2011), Daniel married his amazing and beautiful wife, and their first delightful daughter was born. Throughout this period, Daniel worked part-time as a bus driver, teacher's aide, research assistant, casual teacher, research methods and statistics tutor and project officer. Daniel also completed a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation, and volunteered with Young Life Australia, and as a Lifeline Telephone Counsellor and Supervisor.

In 2012, Daniel began a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at the University of Canberra. His PhD focused on the effectiveness of adventure therapy programs in Australia. During his time in Canberra (2012-2014), Daniel also worked part time as a Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Applied Psychology, of the same university.

Having completed his coursework and placements, Daniel registered as a psychologist at the end of 2014, and began to work in private practice in January 2015. Daniel was endorsed as a Clinical Psychologist in August 2016 and was awarded his PhD in Clinical Psychology in September 2016.

Daniel currently works full-time as a Clinical Psychologist in his private practice, Dubbo Psychologist.

Daniel Bowen

Last Updated: 29/05/2020